Help Your Vehicle Retain its Value: Salem Auto Repair

Mon, 02/27/2012 - 16:21 -- owner

It’s second nature for car owners to mechanically maintain their vehicles—whether you do your own maintenance or have your vehicle serviced at your local Salem Auto Repair, a sound engine can do wonders for your peace of mind. But what about maintaining the inside of your car? While it’s easy to lose track, keeping the inside of your vehicle clean can be just as important.

The pride of a new vehicle is unmistakable—those new car smells, the exhilaration of your first drive home. In that time, we make it a priority to keep our new car clean inside and out. But after the excitement of a new ride wears off, we let our car’s hygiene take a back seat. However, it’s important to realize the number of benefits you have by keeping your car clean. Clean cars look and feel better, and will extend the life of your vehicle.
If your car needs a good old fashion wash—which should be done every other week—first dust the outside of your vehicle. The dirt and sediment left on the outer part of your car could be rubbing into the paint job, damaging the exterior.
And don’t forget about the interior!

Duct cleaners are necessary when you are cleaning out your A/C and heater ducts. This will help rid your car of unwanted, moldy smells.
Your seats should be a priority as well. If you have leather seats, it’s a good idea to invest in a leather product cleaner to prevent cracking and to keep them looking new. Spots on upholstery can be easily cleaned by using carpet cleaning products—these sorts of products remove stains from cloth and microfiber effortlessly. And if your seats are soggy or torn, it would be a good idea to take them to an upholstery center for repair.

As we’ve discussed, keeping the inside of a car is crucial to maintaining its value. However, a clean engine is just as important. Go ahead and use an easy-going garden hose to run over the engine’s parts, but put down the pressure washer. An engine is like a labyrinth, with various components and complex censors placed throughout the system. Ask your ASE-Certified Tech at your reliable Salem Auto Repair shop about the superior engine cleaning method for your vehicle.

It’s extremely important to keep track of your vehicle’s hygiene. Again, a car is a great investment. But even after the excitement wears off, it’s important to still keep track of your vehicle’s cleanliness. If you have any questions regarding car maintenance whatsoever, be sure to consult an ASE-Certified tech at your local Salem Auto Repair shop.